About Nesstra Ghana – Hilti authorised distributor in Ghana

Nesstra supplies a wide range of first class goods and services to manufacturing and service organizations throughout the African continent. Founded in 1960, the company has a long history of quality and reliability. Since becoming part of the African-based Hilti Group in 2008, they have enjoyed considerable growth, while retaining commitment and dedication to their customers. They have local offices in Ghana, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and other direct local representation in Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. They also cover most other sub-Saharan countries. Their local activities are supported by their head office in the UK, where their logistical and technical teams are committed to meeting the needs of the customers and exceeding their expectations.

Nesstra is proud to represent a number of world-class producers of chemicals and machinery in Africa, including Shell Chemicals, ABB, Alfa Laval and Laader Berg, and their portfolio continues to grow each year. Their customers can therefore be rest assured that their entire product line is of the highest quality. They pride themselves in their logistics solutions, providing reliable delivery of orders in the most cost-effective manner. Their objective is to maximize customer satisfaction by overcoming challenges through continuous innovation.


Nesstra has been Hilti authorised distributor in Ghana since 2012.

With a designated Hilti business developer, and with access to regional Hilti expertise and hub office back office support; we are confident that we can provide our local customers with the same service levels and experience that Hilti provides globally.

Business partners at Hilti in Africa are treated as part of the Hilti family and enjoy the same relationships as any other colleagues.


Hilti globally has a direct sales force to have direct day-to-day contact with their customers onsite or in the office that’s why it’s important for us to work directly with our customers in Ghana.

Our local experience of construction applications, delivery services and overall work environment in Ghana allows us to provide the services and experience relevant to the professional construction workers in Ghana.