Dedicated Field Engineers- Coming Soon

Innovation is our lifeblood, and our engineers challenge themselves daily to find innovative solutions in safety and productivity

We are more than a supplier. We are your design partner. And we want to make your design process easier. That’s why we offer a variety of technical support services to help architects and engineers evaluate and specify Hilti products. Experienced Hilti engineers and technical specialists will work hand-in-hand with your team to develop design solutions for your unique structural or nonstructural application with consulting, training, and education.

about a hilti field engineer 

+ Hilti field engineers work on construction sites with designers and architects, as well as structural engineers and company leaders.

+ Engaging early in the design stage, they show the value Hilti can add when Hilti solutions are specified into the design - from the anchors or fastening systems to the tools and software that go with them.

+ They also help the designer bring things to life by translating designs to the construction and product teams, including contractors, marketing and sales.

+ Hilti field engineers are one of the most important roles at Hilti, as they are the connection between design and sales, the transition from plan to reality. Along the way, they address any design needs, building codes and potential problems.

+ There’s no manual for the job, as any big construction project comes with its own unique hurdles. So, Hilti field engineers are agile thinkers who relish the prospect of finding bespoke solutions to unexpected complications.

+ They have experience in civil, structural or mechanical engineering but what makes the Hilti field engineer really stick out is their eagerness to learn and ability to combine technical talk with people skills. 

what hilti field engineerS can do for you

+ Help solve design problems

+ Help with calculations

+ Show new innovative Hilti fastening solutions 

+ Provide up to date, new safer anchor installation methods

+ Visit sites to train on Hilti fastening systems to make sure it’s installed correctly

+ Pull out testing on-site for Hilti fastening systems – Coming soon in April 2021

+ Help you locate any technical data information


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