20 YEARS Materials & Workmanship Warranty
Hilti will repair or replace parts that break as a result of defects in materials or workmanship for 20 years

2 YEARS Wear & Tear Coverage
Hilti will repair tools at no cost for *2 years from the date of purchase.
(1) Damage due to wear and tear is covered.
(2) No charges for parts and labour.

1 MONTH Warranty on Charged Repairs
If you pay for your repair Hilti will guarantee the workmanship for 1 month. This includes the entire tool not just the replaced spare parts.

Once your tool is out of the no cost period Hilti guarantees your charged repair will not be greater than 40% of that Hilti tools’ local retail price.

*6 months no cost includes the following tools:  Steel & metal Drill UD 4, RotaryHammer TE 1, Dispsensers & all Angle Grinders
*2 years no cost includes the following tools: TE2(M), TE3, TE7, TE30, TE50, (TE60), TE70, TE800, TE1000, TE2000, TE3000, AG- 125-13/19, 230-24**, SCW 55 / 70, Cordless 22V Platform, DD 160, DD 200, DG 150, DC SE 20, DCH 180/230/300, AG 230-27, Other DD, Measuring tools, DX Tools and any other Hilti tools not mentioned in this list

"Unique QUALITY Repair & Service:” we guarantee original Hilti spare parts, state of the art repair centers & fully trained & certified repair technicians to repair all Hilti  tools with the highest quality in the market.

"Unique COVERAGE Full cost control:” control your repair costs;  Hilti tools come with 20 Years Manufacturing Warranty & up to *2 years no repair costs (wear & tear included), with a repair cost limit after this period capped at 40% of the Hilti tool retail price.  All of this makes your tool repair costs pleasantly predictable.

“Unique CONSISTENCY Fastest in class:” we own and control the complete repair process so you get a comprehensive repair service with super-fast repair turn-around time from start to end. Simple & easy repair order placement with no registration or proof of purchase needed.

Book a product demonstrate today on any of our tools & have one of our account managers explain this tool service offering in person!